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About Us

Designed for fun.

Last year I wanted to wish one of my students luck on his SAT. I went to the store to get a card, but I couldn’t find one that felt right—a message that would motivate him but also remind him that “it’s just a test.” Three stores later, I still hadn’t found what I wanted. But, an idea was born. I created College, Career & Laugh, a sister company to College, Career & Life, to acknowledge how hard students are working to prepare for their futures and to bring some fun to the process. 

College, Career & Laugh products are not just for students and test takers—they’re for everyone going through the process. Do you want to thank a teacher for writing a letter of recommendation? We have a card for that! Know a parent who is struggling to figure out how to pay for college? We have a card for that! Excited for a friend who received good news through Early Decision? We have a card for that too! Have a situation that we haven’t thought of? We can make a card for you. 

Our cards are big and the messages are bold. They are a great way to recognize important people in your life. Educators were the first to fall in love with our cards, but many business owners have purchased them to bring a more personal touch to their clients. From real estate agents and financial advisors to salon owners and dentists, professionals enjoy giving our cards as much as people enjoy receiving them.


Our mission at College, Career & Laugh is simple: generate more laughter!

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